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Gurbani Updesh
P.O. Box 14511,
Fremont, CA 94539

Phone: (510) 648-5931

Technical Support Information

Please NOTE: Before you contact us, please be sure to go through FAQ section

Support E-Mail:
Support Phone Number: (510) 648-5931

Recommended Media Players

Apple iTunes 6.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Q01: I clicked on Listen to LIVE Katha/Kirtan link but I can't hear anything. Why?
LIVE Katha/Kirtan is broadcasted only at scheduled timeslots. Besides the scheduled timeslots, you won't hear any sound.

Also, please check the volume level of your computer speakers.
Q02: When I play the audio it is very choppy. Why?
You may not be getting enough bandwidth throughput to your computer as configured in your media player. For instance, in your media player the internet connection speed might be configured to 512Kbps. However, if your internet access (e.g. DSL) speed is only 128Kbps, the media player won't be able to get the audio stream at the expected speed. In this case, media player would stop temporarily while waiting for the audio data to arrive. To remedy this problem, try to configure your media player with the lower internet connection speed.
Q03: I loose connection intermittently. Why?
Please check FQA Q02.
Q04: I missed LIVE Katha. Can I listen to it now?
If you missed any part of Katha, you can access it from the audio player at the home page or from Multimedia section. The Katha program is uploaded to the server within 24 hours from the time it was broadcasted LIVE.
Q04: I really enjoyed a shabad that was broadcasted LIVE. Can I listen to it again?
If you missed any part of Kirtan, you can access it from the audio player at the home page or from Multimedia section. We don't upload all the Kirtan that was broadcasted LIVE. So, if you don't find it there please send us the date and time when the shabad was sung and the shabad name, we will upload it within 24 hours after you have submitted the request. We keep Kirtan archives that are not uploaded to the server for up to one month.

If your question is not answered in FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.